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Who are we?

Dale Levy known as the Lady from Venice works in Venice, Italy where she has lived for 20 years.

Her designs reflect her joy of color, texture and glass. Dale's creative jewelry focuses on the exquisite glass beads produced on Venice's island of Murano.

She blends them for color and shape as a painter would blend paints, a sculptor would blend textures, or a weaver would blend the subtleties of the yarns used in each piece. She mixes glass with stone, pearls and jade, the expensive and the mundane to create her wonderful finished necklaces.
She loves to transform the proverbial sow's ear into a silk-jeweled purse of a necklace. She loves creating wearable art, that is not too heavy and not too subtle, and she likes to think that a woman who wears a piece of her jewelry wants to be seen.

Dale's jewelry is elegant and charming, rich and colorful... when a woman adorns herself in one of these creations she glows.

"I love to see the transformation that occurs when a woman tries on one of my designs. When it is the right coloring for her, she seems to crown herself with it, even grow a bit taller, lighten up from too much on her mind, and perhaps feel a bit younger and daring.
It's lovely to behold... a type of metamorphoses... it's my fun, and the joy I feel in my work and I can say it is the essence that keeps me creating."

Her jewelry can be found in boutiques throughout the world. She sells privately and at Wholesale Trade Gift Shows in many parts of the United States.

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